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FREE Non-Violence Programme for Self-Referring Men

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  • Do you find yourself getting angry at your family often?

  • Do you fight with your partner a lot?

  • Are you worried about your anger?

  • Is someone else worried about your anger?

  • Do any of your family members say they are scared of you?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then we can help.


Providing a specialist Family Violence service in Tauranga Moana for self-referring men and their families.

A gap in service provision for non violence programmes for men has been clearly identified and adds a great layer of risk to vulnerable wahine, tamariki and communities in general.

A team of skilled Family Violence professionals have implemented a new service to work with Tauranga Moana and the wider Western Bay of Plenty who identify the need for education, support and advocacy regarding their use of violence within their families.

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Welcome Bay Community Centre

Group sessions are run in evenings by
Experienced, Qualified Staff.

Please contact us for details.

Each man who joins our 13 week non violence programme will have an hour-long assessment before commencing.


We also support every attendee with accessing any other services he may want, such as drug and alcohol support, counselling, etc.

  • To provide a Non-Violence programme for men.

  • To support men to access other required services as identified by them and/or as suggested by our staff.

  • To make contact with, and offer support information to the family of the men.

  • To ensure every client who engages with the service has the opportunity to create a safety plan.

  • To create and carry out a robust and accurate evaluation process in relation to this service - including victim voices.

  • To liaise with and work alongside (when appropriate) other FV agencies, Kaupapa Maori services, social service agencies and the police FV team.

  • To grow this service to encompass further FV client work, wahine and tamariki supports, training and education.

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This programme will include, but is not limited to: (13 core sessions) and will be a rolling programme.

  • What is FV? Define, describe all, cycle of, impacts, women’s experience, power & control wheel

  • Te Whare Tapa Wha model of wellness (which will underpin all the sessions)

  • Safety planning, EARL (early warning signs)

  • Time out and other safety strategies

  • Emotional Regulation, Emotional Intelligence etc.

  • Genograms - family of origin

  • Parenting in the context of FV

  • Own stories

  • Minimise, Deny and Blame

  • What does healthy look like

  • Communication skills

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy model) - individual work

  • Sexual behaviour and respect


All sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of participants in relation to safety and risks.

There will be Te Ao Maori content and safety planning in all sessions.

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About this programme

The men …

  1. are able to articulate a safety plan for when violence may occur (a written plan)

  2. are able to recognise their early warning signs and act upon this information

  3. have an understanding of the impacts of their violence upon their tamariki, their wahine and themselves

  4. have a Whare Tapa Wha holistic plan for health

  5. are starting to develop an understanding of what “sits underneath” for them and what other services may be helpful to them

  6. have chosen to get “into the WAKA of change”

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Core outcomes expected

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